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Chielle Chihuahuas:

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A Chihuahua Is A Chihuahua - No Size Categories Exist Within The Breed

Chihuahuas are a "Toy" Breed - There is No Such Thing as a "Teacup" Chihuahua.

The AKC Breed Standard describes the Chihuahua as a small dog that comes in two varieties or coat types and ranges up to 6 lbs. The only different "variety" or dinstinguishing characteristic within the breed standard is this difference in coat variety (long and smooth). There are NO size categories within the Chihuahua! These made up descriptions you see on websites explaining how they have different size categories of Chihuahuas - such as "family" or "standard" or "toy" or "teacup" sized Chihuahuas - show an utter lack of even the most basic knowledge of the breed. If you see this type of MISinformation on a Chihuahua website RUN in the other direction and find a KNOWLEDEABLE breeder!

Unfortunately, these gimmicky made up names, used by uninformed or greedy Chihuahua breeders to describe their puppies, have been misused so long they can "seem" legitimate to the general public! This is a concern not only because those who choose to breed should realize that in addition to breeding responsibly they are also responsible for disseminating correct information to the public on their breed - and most definitely should not be spreading false or misleading breed information - but also because there are those who use these gimmicks as a way of fooling potential buyers into thinking their puppies are worth more money and use these terms merely as marketing ploys. Again, this is incorrect and misleading and the breeder selling Chihuahuas in this manner is either uninformed or greedy - and in either instance you will want to look elsewhere for a more educated (and/or ethical) breeder.

Again, the Chihuahua is categorized by the American Kennel Club as belonging to the TOY group - NO size variety or distinction exists; therefore ALL Chihuahuas are categorized as a TOY dog, whether an unusually tiny two lbs. or super chunky six lbs! They are still all TOY dogs. Period. Any other label is incorrect and misleading and can be confusing to those looking to acquire a new Chihuahua.

A word of caution: While extra tiny Chihuahua puppies are extremely adorable and endearing - and they CAN be perfectly healthy (some "lines" of Chihuahuas do naturally produce smaller sized offspring than others) - there MAY be other underlying causes for such a small sized puppy (yet another reason to seek out a KNOWLEDGEABLE and ETHICAL breeder) and, even if the puppy is completely heatlhy, there is extra care and diligence required for the health and well-being of such extra small puppies.

If you are considering a new Chihuahua, no matter the size, please do your homework, read up on the breed to get an idea of not only how a Chihuahua should look (NO, NOT the Taco Bell dog - ugh!) but also the breed's general personality characteristics (of course this can vary with individual dogs). Once you have decided the Chihuahua is for you, find a GOOD breeder that is not only educated on breed related issues but who will back up their dogs with WRITTEN health & genetic guarantees; a good breeder will also be able to provide you with important instructions for the care of your new Chihuahua and help provide you with the tools you need to give your new best friend a long, happy, healthy life!

P.S. No matter HOW cute that pet shop puppy is PLEASE DO NOT BUY INTO THE CYCLE OF GREED & MISERY THAT IS THE PUPPYMILL - PET SHOP CONNECTION! Remember that for every one of those cute little puppies in the window there is a poor precious momma dog living a life of cruelty, neglect, physical and emotional abuse, forced to continuously pump out puppies until her little body gives out, in order to fulfill the desires of those willing to continue this horrific cycle of pain. If no one buys these pet shop puppies then those greedy millers who make their livings off the flesh of the innocent dogs in their care will get the message quick and where it matters most to them - their pocketbooks!! NO DEMAND EQUALS NO PET SHOPS CARRYING PUPPYMILL PUPPIES!!