Chielle Chihuahuas:      

Quality That Shows!



QUALITY, SAFE FOODS FOR OUR BELOVED PETS!  I wean puppies on and highly recommend PRECISE NATURALS SM/MED BREED PUPPY (kibble and canned), and as they grow I mix in some FROMM GOLD HOLISTIC PUPPY.  Adults are on FROMM GOLD HOLISTIC and BLACKWOOD as a constant nutritional foundation and I rotate a number of other carefully selected, quality foods mixed in, in addition to occasional home cooked meals. Chicken based formulas are at the heart of my dogs' diet, with the addition of a small amount of other meat proteins. This variety added into their consistent kibble foundation serves to keeps digestion healthy and allows the dogs to enjoy balanced nutrition while helping to eliminate the development of food allergies.  I have researched both dry and canned dog food brands very carefully and came up with an "approved" list of foods that contain super premium quality ingredients, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no by-products, no questionable overseas sources, high success rate, small size kibble, made in the USA, and never involved in a recall. 

You can feel good about feeding your dog(s) any of the foods from this list: 

• PRECISE NATURALS and PRECISE HOLISTIC (Small Breed Puppy and Small Breed Adult – Dry Formulas / Puppy, Adult, and ALS (All Life Stages) – Canned Formulas)

• FROMM GOLD HOLISTIC (Puppy, Adult, and Small Breed Adult – Dry Formulas)

• EARTHBORN HOLISTIC (Puppy Vantage and Small Breed Adult – Dry Formulas)

• BLACKWOOD (Chicken Meal & Rice Puppy and Adult – Dry Formulas / ALS – Canned Formula)
• ARTEMIS FRESH MIX HOLISTIC (Small Breed Puppy and Small Breed Adult – Dry Formulas)
• VERUS HOLISTIC (Small Breed Puppy Advantage and Life Advantage ALS – Dry Formulas / ALS – Canned Formula)
• HOLISTIC SELECT (Small Breed Puppy and Small Breed Adult – Dry Formulas / ALS – Canned Formula) 
• HEALTH EXTENSION (Little Bites ALS – Dry Formula / ALS – Canned Formula)

• NUTRISOURCE (Small Breed Puppy, Grain Free Chicken, and Chicken & Rice Adult – Dry Formulas) *

For treats, some of our favorites are Cloud Star Chewy Tricky Trainers (Liver), NutriSource Soft & Tender (Chicken or Lamb), and Earthborn EarthBites. Most importantly, check to be sure treats are wheat, corn & soy free, and made in the USA from quality USA sourced ingredients (PLEASE never feed your dog anything made in or sourced from China, they have poisoned and killed many beloved pets!)! 


*A Note For Those With Breeding Females:  Flax Seed is a healthy additive to dog foods; however if you have breeding females you will want to watch that the level of flax seed is not too high, as flax seed can interfere with hormone levels.  My experience with NutriSource was that while it is a high quality food that performs very well (dogs/puppies look and feel great, the sm/med breed puppy kibble is a perfect size for tiny Chihuahua puppy mouths, the adult chicken based kibble is also a nice small size for Chihuahuas, and the dogs love the taste!), the levels of flax seed were high enough that it did cause some whelping issues (very small litters, high percentage of c-section, low milk production, etc.).  In researching what might be causing these issues (that I had not dealt with before), I discovered the link between flax seed and whelping issues and that NutriSource has a higher level of flax seed known to interfere with hormone levels), and this is why I no longer feed NutriSource as a mainstay of my dogs' diet and do not feed NutriSource to pregnant/lactating females (I do recommend NutriSource grain free chicken canned or chicken & rice canned for weaning puppies as it is a simpler, easier to digest canned formula with no exotic proteins or organ meat, which I feel is better for the young weaning puppy digestive system).  When I switched to Fromm as my dogs' everyday diet, these whelping issues stopped, litter size increased, as did milk production and even "motherly instinct"!