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Chielle Chihuahuas:

     Quality That Shows!


For the long time fancier and the breed newbie, the following are links re important Chihuahua breed information, health and education, showing and breeding, and other fun and informational Chihuahua/dog related links.

Breed Information

Chihuahua Breed Standard as found on the Chihuahua Club of America website

Chihuahua Breed standard as found on the United Kennel Club Website

Chihuahua Weight Chart - Estimate the adult weight of your Chihuahua puppy!

Is there really such a thing as a "teacup Chihuahua"?

Great source for pedigrees and photos of Chihuahuas from all around the world!

Chi Health and Education

Orthopedic Foundation for Animals -- Important health testing information & database!

Canine Health Information Center -- Information about health testing and CHIC certification

Find a BAER tester in your area

Learn about canine genetics from an expert!

Easy to understand lessons on base canine coat colors and variations thereof and their mode(s) of inheritance.

Of Special Note to Chihuahua Breeders: If you are considering breeding a merle Chihuahua, please do your homework beforehand, as choosing to include merle in your breeding program does come with very specific dos and don'ts. I am in the process of building a site geared specifically towards the responsible breeding of the beautiful merle Chihuahua and to be a resource for those choosing to include merle in their quality program. As with ALL breeding, education is key!

QUALITY, SAFE FOODS are of utmost important for the health and happiness of our beloved pet(s)! I have thoroughly researched foods, quality, ingredients, palatability, trustworthiness, recall information, etc., and working with a vet have come up with a superior feeding protocol from a list of "approved" foods you can feel good about feeding to your furry family member(s)! Visit this page for more information on quality, safe pet foods.

Clubs and Registries

Breed Parent Club - lots of great Chihuahua information

AKC Registration, Breed, Show information

UKC Registration, Breed, Show information

Information on IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association), registration upcoming shows, etc.

Show Information

Learn all about the world of AKC Conformation Exhibition -- See 'Ya in the Ring!!

Information on Upcoming AKC Shows, Winners, Show Supplies, etc.

Onofrio Dog Shows (AKC)

Jack Bradshaw Dog Shows (AKC)

Upcoming UKC Shows

Fun and Informational Links

Check out Chi-wa-wa-ga-ga - A small store for dinky dogs!

Featuring fun, furry and fabulous Chihuahuas from around the globe, Chihuahua shopping, breed information, contests and much more!

The dog lover's online directory!

Visit Chihuahua Rescue & Transport!

This is where I buy the dog food brand(s) I feed and recommend (visit my "QUALITY FOODS" page for more information on super premium quality approved dog foods that have never been recalled and you can feel good about feeding to your pets -- I have done the research for you!). At, shipping is FREE, prices are great, and customer service is fantastic!

Anti-Pet Legislation and Organizations

Love your pet? Learn the ugly truth about PETA and how they believe your beloved pet is a SLAVE and want to do away with all pet ownership!

Want to know what HSUS really believes regarding your ability to share your life with the animals you love? What is the truth behind those compelling ads and what happens to all the money the HSUS rakes in through these and other fundraising activities? You will be shocked, and I hope outraged.