Chihuahua puppies for sale, available to approved, loving homes.  For the discriminating Chihuahua lover, top quality companions and show prospects from only the best AKC (and International) champion bloodlines!

I have only a few litters a year, always with the goal of betterment. Please EMAIL ME if you are looking for a truly well bred companion, or are a caring, responsible smaller sized breeder of quality, looking for that special Chihuahua to take your program to the next level.

Unless otherwise noted, all Chihuahuas are offered as well-bred, loving companions (Limited AKC Registration, not for showing/breeding). 

Full AKC Registration (show/breeding rights) may be available on some Chihuahuas, upon approval (at additional cost). If you want to show/breed your new Chihuahua, please let me know up front

PET PUPPIES generally range from $900 to $1500

SHOW/BREEDING PROSPECTS generally range from $1500 to $2500


I have made a very difficult decision to place the love of my life NOELLE in a loving forever PET HOME.  I feel she is going to be too small for breeding, and I want for her to be the spoiled little diva princess and absolute light of someone's life that she deserves to be. I honestly cannot describe how adorable this spunky little girl is, how huge her personality and spirit are, how entertaining her antics, she is truly beyond special! 

The perfect home for NOELLE would be a retired or semi retired caretaker (with a lot of time to spend with and dote on her), without bigger dogs or smaller children (due to her small size), someone who truly appreciates the inner and outer beauty of this darling, healthy, happy, silly and affectionate little girl (who is no shrinking violet, but much smaller than she realizes), and who is dedicated and devoted to her happiness, safety and well-being. If this describes you, please EMAIL ME about adding this most precious little girl to your home.

ADULT WEIGHT EST. 4-1/2 to 4-3/4 LBS


Noelle comes with UTD core vaccines, de-worming, health/genetic guarantee, vet exam, new puppy pack, lifetime breeder support and return. While I would prefer new owners pick their puppy up in person, I understand this is not always possible, and in that case I can arrange for hand-delivery (to most commercial US airports) through a Puppy Nanny, at new buyer's expense (total cost of puppy nanny delivery is approx. $450, and includes nanny service, in cabin pet flight, soft sided pet carrier). (Sorry I do not ship air cargo or ground transport as these are not safe options for these tiny treasures.)

*Noelle is being offered as a PET ONLY (not for breeding) on a strict spay agreement, and must be altered when size/age appropriate. (LTD AKC Registration will be provided after proof of spay.)

Be sure to check out the Nursery/Upcoming Litters Page for exciting puppy plans and announcements, and also "Like" and "Follow" Chielle Chihuahuas on Facebook (link at right)! If you have any questions, feel free to EMAIL ME. Thank you.

All my dogs are from top American, European and Canadian champion bloodlines and are of superior quality conformation with loving temperaments!!  My puppies come with UTD core vaccines, de-worming, health & genetic guarantee, vet exam, new puppy pack, lifetime breeder support & return. I stand behind my dogs!  

EMAIL ME AT [email protected] to discuss adding one of these sweet, precious Chihuahuas to your family.

References available.

Looking for a quality show prospect or well-bred companion? Have questions?  EMAIL ME!
**NOTE THAT** due to their small size, Chihuahuas are best suited for adult singles or couples or families without younger, rowdier children (older, gentler children are fine), and without larger, aggressive dogs, as Chihuahuas are happiest in a quieter/calmer environment with a gentle touch, and dogs of their own size. 

IF YOU HAVE LOVE TO GIVE AN ADULT CHIHUAHUA (over 1 year), please visit my *AVAILABLE ADULTS* page. 


THIS IS WHERE THAT "DOGGY IN THE WINDOW" REALLY COMES FROM!  No matter what they try and tell you, the fact is that almost all puppies sold in pet stores come from "USDA inspected" facilities where the dogs live in hellish conditions just like these!  PLEASE DO NOT BUY A PUPPY FROM A PET STORE!  We can stop the cruelty and misery that is the life of a puppy mill dog if we stop financially supporting those who use and abuse animals for greed! 
Stop Puppymill Cruelty
PLEASE do your homework when purchasing a puppy online!  Don't be fooled by pretty pictures of cute puppies.  Ask questions, ask for pictures of the parents (do they look healthy and happy?).  The breeder should also ask questions and care about where their puppies/dogs end up, not just how payment will be made, as well as be able to provide veterinary and other references.  Support responsible, ethical and humane breeding practices, and not those who breed only for profit!  Thank you.
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