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Chielle Chihuahuas:

     Quality That Shows!


Located on approx. 120 acres in beautiful Northern Louisiana (about an hour S.E. of Shreveport). The dogs LOVE the country life (they especially enjoy having "conversations" with the turkeys, whose pasture is across the way from their yard, it's really quite entertaining)! While being so far out takes a little getting used to, enjoying a quiet country morning, while drinking coffee on the back porch overlooking the pond, watching the local wildlife, definitely has its charm!

Breeding For Betterment - What Does It Mean?

"Breeding for betterment" ... I'm sure you have seen this phrase many times, but what does it really mean? Is it only the number of champions in a dog's pedigree or the title of the dog? Of course not. But do those champion titles matter? You bet they do! In the hands of someone knowledgeable about their dogs and the dogs and bloodlines behind them, this information is a powerful tool. Not so for those who are simply counting champions or dropping names. Studying the breed and learning about various bloodlines and dogs and what they produce, including what they produce when crossed and bred together, the good and the bad, is paramount to making educated breeding choices. (All lines and dogs bring strengths and weaknesses; educated breeding is knowing what those strengths and weaknesses are and choosing first whether a dog is breedworthy based on that information and, if so, choosing the right mating to bring out the strengths of the sire and the dam and improve on any such weaknesses, thus "bettering" the next generation.)

To build a better breeding program, and by that a better breed, you must start with a quality foundation. I have carefully chosen my Chihuahuas, and they are all from bloodlines that are well proven and work together to create happy, healthy Chihuahuas of superior type and temperament and that are excellent representatives of the breed in every way (the Chihuahua standard come to life!)! "Quality From Quality" is the only way to truly build a superior program and ensure a bright future for this wonderful breed.

A program is only as strong as its foundation, and that includes the quality of both the males and females. Each of my males and females was specially chosen for the individual and collective qualities they bring to my program, and they are not only beautiful (phenotype), each one is truly an asset to the breed in terms of their genetic makeup (genotype).

I feel very blessed to share my life with these special, loving little dogs, and am grateful to have such a quality foundation to build on. I strive to honor the hard work of the breeders that came before me and those who entrust me with their Chihuahuas by striving to improve on each generation, with the goal of leaving a small but beautiful pawprint on the breed.

What About Merle Chihuahuas?

People are certainly entitled to their own opinion about merle Chihuahuas; I have based my decision to breed for show quality merle Chihuahuas of my own on the factual data and testing of merle Chihuahuas and factual information available. The merle line I bred to in order to start my merle program is well proven in terms of health and soundness, heavily CERF tested and BAER tested normal, DNA tested "pure" for Chihuahua through canine heritage testing. This merle line is also well proven in the show ring, having produced many beautiful merle Chihuahua Champions. Quality and responsible breeding should not be compromised for the sake of any color or pattern. One thing about this breed that is so enjoyable (and there are many things to enjoy about this breed!) is that there is virtually a color, pattern, coat length, for every taste. All can be beautiful and healthy if bred responsibly. Responsible breeding should be the issue in any case, not the coat pattern of the dog.

I am in the process of creating a website dedicated to the responsible breeding of merle Chihuahuas, including important breeding information and pictures of beautiful, healthy well bred, show quality and champion merle Chihuahuas. You can visit that site at