(Updated 3/15/21)

Founded on passion and love for the breed, I am a small dedicated Chihuahua fancier who truly cares about these wonderful little dogs and takes seriously the responsibility that comes along with breeding and working towards "bettering" a breed. Come on in and take a look around, meet my much loved Chihuahua family, get to know about my breeding program, foundation, philosophy and goals. 


Please CONTACT ME if you are looking for a well bred companion, or are a caring, responsible smaller sized breeding home looking for that special Chihuahua to take your program to the next level.  I am open to working with ethical show/breeding homes and "newbies" serious about getting off on the right foot.  I have only a couple of well planned litters a year, always with the goal of betterment, and only breed carefully chosen, superior quality Chihuahuas from the breed's most exceptional, proven bloodlines!


Your questions or comments are always welcome; feel free to "Email Me".  I do have several adult Chihuahuas looking for loving, forever homes.  Very reasonable adoption fee as altered companions!  (NOTE: I am now located in N.W. Louisiana, about an hr. S.E. of Shreveport!)


Thank you again for visiting Chielle Chihuahuas.  Come back soon, as I have some very exciting plans, hopes and dreams for the coming year and look forward to sharing them with you!

WHEN IT COMES TO FOOD, QUALITY MATTERS!  I have done extensive research into dog foods, quality, ingredients, palatability, trustworthiness, recall information, etc., and working with a vet have come up with a superior feeding protocol from an "approved" list of foods that contain super premium quality ingredients, no corn, no wheat, no soy, no by-products, no questionable overseas sources, high success rate, small size kibble, made in the USA, and never involved in a recall!  You can feel good about feeding your dog(s) any of the foods from this list.  PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION ON HOW TO FEEL GOOD ABOUT WHAT YOU FEED YOUR FURRY FAMILY MEMBER(S)!


KEEP INFORMED AS TO WHAT YOU ARE FEEDING YOUR BELOVED PET(S) AT www.dogfood.guru and  www.dogfoodadvisor.com!

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